This Anhinga is perched drying its feathers after coming out of the WATER, there is still a bit of algae on the tail feathers.


Do You See What I See…  

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  1. Another bird I have never seen…and what a beauty! I am in love with all that detail on it’s wings! One of my favorite images of yours…what a pose!


  2. I’ve never heard of an anhinga. What an elegant bird, and what a glorious photo. Such precise focus on the details of its dramatic feathers, and then that punctuation of the green eye.


    1. There is a sort of elegance about anhinga when they are perched like this, – glad you enjoyed the sight.

      Not sure if you’ve found my comments in your approval or spam folders yet, I stop in and post and they don’t appear 😦


    1. Thank you Clara. The first time I encountered this bird it surfaced from beneath the water and I thought it was a snake making its way to the shore – much later I learned that is a nickname for the Anhinga, they are interesting indeed.


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