Wasps form a UNION

Quite a battle was waged under our carport this summer because the sun is too intense for our potted Foxtail Palm tree, it is also too intense for insects and a group of wasps / bees built and rebuilt their nest on the underside of the palm and they formed a UNION to protect the nest. They were bothersome whenever someone walked too close to the tree to the point of stinging a visitor. We finally won the battle to remove their nest but they won the war because they built another just around the corner of the house under a leaf of our Little Gem Magnolia. 

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26 thoughts on “Wasps form a UNION

  1. KarenAnn

    They were nasty here also. I was grooming a deck vine and one came out of nowhere and stung me. This fall when the frost took the vines, I noticed a wasp nest under the railing about 6 inches from where I’d been grooming. Nasty things but you have a great photo of their nest!


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