I would say this fountain fills the FRILLY theme! Shockingly Pink Water!!

What do you think? 

Seriously this is a SOOC shot using iPod and no editing or tweaking. This unexpected sight was found at Central Park in Downtown Winter Haven, Florida. The pink water is a tribute for Breast Care Awareness month.

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    1. This is for breast cancer awareness. There were banners hung from the street lamps that surrounded this park. I wasn’t aware this was being done and spotted it while passing by.


  1. For sure frilly, for a fountain. I personally am not threatened by pink like some of my co-workers. I find it a pleasing hue, just a bit strange in water.


    1. You are a true pioneer among men not being threatened by pink. I agree it is an unusual color. Wondering if the water will be orange color for halloween????


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