An homage to Goofy FRIENDSHIPS

This is an image I made with a friends point and shoot camera while at Epcot Center this winter. The circumstances of these friends meeting was Goofy. Over the years their FRIENDSHIPS have deepened. They play like children in summer,  tease and lend a hand for one another. As winter fades into spring and all go their separate ways for a few months I thought this was a perfect fit for the theme of FRIENDSHIPS.

M-i-c See you  real soon!

K-e-y Why, because we like you!


8 thoughts on “An homage to Goofy FRIENDSHIPS

  1. Tony

    together with your story this is really great! Reminds me of my childhood and all the faded away friendships …


  2. KarenAnn

    A very colorful shot…we are all children in our hearts no matter what the exterior looks like…am finding this to be more true all the time!


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