17 thoughts on “HUMOR

  1. Clara Williams

    The two shadows? I really do like this photo. I like that the trees, the tracks, the shadows, the waiting area, and the buildings are all in a line in the same direction.


  2. Gisele

    my guess is the two shadows as well. I can see why they had to put the “no skateboarding” sign up. Looks like a perfect place to do that.


  3. PC PHOTO Post author

    Ok the torture is over, the 2 elements of HUMOR are
    DH is doing his impression of Gumby with his arms flexed
    (I guess I’m Pokey – I should have erased my shadow out of the image)

    I put my name on the dumpster
    (could that be subliminally I thought this shot was junk?)

    Thanks for playing along!


  4. needlepointernc

    Aw… I had the right answer before you posted it! I did notice Pc Photo added and the Gumby Shadows. Love the shot… would work for leading lines too. I think I may start collecting train station photos.


  5. Steven

    Before reading the answer I was going to say the humor was in the shadows, and the fact there is grass growing between the railroad ties. Grass in between the railroad ties is hilarious! Hahahahahaha!


  6. KarenAnn

    Super use of leading lines in this photo. The humor of the tall shadow figures is well taken. I’d noticed the name on the dumpster however thought it was a clever way to include your name.


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